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If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, you may not know where to turn for help. That is because it is a debilitating, destructive chronic disease that will not let up until you take your life into your own hands. To do so, you need to seek the help, guidance, and support from those who can really help. Lawson Treatment Services is here to provide that for you. Our drug rehab center in Anaheim, California is not only well qualified, it is full of extremely caring and compassionate individuals who are impeccably trained and experienced in addiction and recovery. Before you can receive their help, you need to admit to yourself that you cannot control this condition, that you need help, and that you can’t overcome this on your own. Only, then you will have begun the path to recovery.


Detox is the first step after enrolling at our drug detox clinic in Anaheim. You will need the professional guidance and assistance only trained and experienced addiction experts provide. While you go through the process of detox, your body will expel the toxins that are keeping you physically dependent. This will cause unpleasant symptoms that will need to be professionally monitored and supervised interminably. Once you have gotten through the detox process, you will be able to move on to long-term treatment and begin working on your condition in individual and group therapy.


Next, you will begin therapy in one-on-one sessions. The first thing you will do here is begin creating a customized addiction recovery plan that is both catered to your needs and changes comprehensively to meet them. While you are creating this program, you will go through dual diagnosis mental health screening. This assessment will determine whether you have a coexisting mental illness that is contributing to your addiction. Dual diagnosis describes around half the people with an addiction. To be able to fully break free of your dependence, you need to acknowledge and address the whole issue. Once the core problem is identified, you will need to continue treatment in not only one-on-one therapy, but in group sessions as well.


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Group therapy is an extremely beneficial component of drug rehab at our addiction treatment center in Anaheim. While you are here, you will have the chance to share your feelings, thoughts, concerns, and challenges with others. They will also share with you their similar adversities and struggles, and you will give and receive advice based upon the group’s insight. When you’re at our addiction recovery clinic in Anaheim, you will gain support and advice that will last with you long after you have left our facility.


As you go to depart from our drug rehab clinic in Anaheim, you will leave with the product of your addiction recovery plan that has been altered throughout to better fit your needs. When you leave, you will go through a lot of the same treatments, but on your own accord. Keeping with treatment is imperative, but if you do so, addiction recovery gets easier day by day.


You can choose to break free of what binds you. You can learn to live a healthy and sober life. Just call Lawson Treatment Services today to set up a consultation at our substance abuse treatment facility in Anaheim, California to come see what true support feels like.

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