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If you’re struggling with substance abuse, Lawson Treatment Services, our drug rehab center in Palo Alto, California can benefit you in ways that you never dreamed possible.


The Rehabilitation Process

First, you should know about the rehabilitation process. When you first arrive at our drug rehab facility, we will evaluate your needs. We may do testing to see what substances are in your body and will take your full history into account. Our specialists will then devise a plan to help you stop using the substances you crave.


Our supervised detox programs include different phases. First, you must rid your body of the drugs and toxins. At our addiction recovery center, all detox is fully monitored for your safety. Next, we stress the importance of community support and therapy groups in addition to individual therapy as needed. To prevent relapse, we offer programs that help a person to cope with their addictions and potentially difficult situations.


Individualized Treatments Plans for Every Client

After your initial evaluation, our staff will create a personalized addiction recovery program just for you. No two clients will have the exact same issues, so no two clients will have the same treatment plan. Our team of specialists will work together providing you with the types of treatment you need. It can include different therapies, such as behavioral therapy to modify attitudes towards drug related issues and increase healthy life skills. All therapies and counseling can be individual or in groups, depending on the needs of the client.

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Supervised Detox at our Palo Alto, California Rehab

It is important to know that all of the care you receive in our addiction recovery facility is fully supervised. You should never feel alone. All of our clients have access to our professional staff around the clock. At Lawson Treatment Services, our programs are carefully evaluated and overseen so you never have to worry about going through the detox process on your own.


Dual Diagnosis Is Important

Many patients with addictions also have other conditions to deal with. Whether they are medical conditions such as disease, or emotional and mental ones such as anxiety and depression, we take care to diagnose and treat all symptoms, as they can be important in your total recovery. You are seen as a whole person, not just one who has a substance abuse disorder. Our professionals are trained to treat people, not just addiction, so that your full recovery is possible and that relapse will be less likely.


Safe and Comfortable Facilities

When you enter our addiction treatment center, you should feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you will be treated with care and respect. Additionally, you should feel safe to talk about your addiction with support groups and peers who are dealing with the same types of issues you are having. It is important that you are free to discuss anything that bothers you so that you can make a full recovery.


In addition, our addiction treatment facility is comfortable and safe. All of our facilities have up-to-date equipment. Our furnishings are chosen to make you feel at ease and relaxed. This all helps you to feel better about yourself and makes your recovery an easier process.


Importance of Community and Support Groups Within Rehab

Our community and support groups are the best. Clients are matched to the groups that best fit their treatment needs, but everyone at the center becomes a support person to each other. Specific support groups may work with a variety of needs each person may have. However, our clients develop a sense of community and help each other whenever they can.


Long-Term Follow Up

Our substance abuse treatment facility offers long term follow-up to prevent relapse. This can include helping clients find housing, employment, and support groups. It may also include follow-up care at the drug detox clinic on an outpatient basis. Research has proven that follow-up care helps those with addiction disorders to stay clean.


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