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Life has really thrown you for a loop, and you feel like you are traveling faster and faster on a roller coaster that won’t let you off. It may have started with a car accident and a serious injury that left you in chronic pain. From there, they may have prescribed serious painkillers to help you function. It didn’t get to the root of your pain or solve your problem, all the medicine did was mask it for a little while and give you temporary relief. The pain keeps coming back, crashing in, and stealing all of your motivation to stop relying on the medicine.


No matter how your addiction began, you find that now you can’t stop if you try. You have to have more every day to get the same effects. You’re at the point that you are using more from other people because your medicine isn’t enough. Your mind is clouded and your appetite is gone. You can barely hold it together. You realize that you are dealing with addiction and you need help. At Lawson Treatment Services addiction recovery center in Sherman Oaks, California, we can help you to put this troublesome time behind you. You can move forward to a life that is not dependent on substances. Lawson Treatment Services substance abuse treatment facility will give you access to the resources you need to turn this daunting situation around.


Take Back Your Life

You didn’t want to rely on substance abuse to make it through life. Now that the addiction has its claws in you, you don’t know how to shake it off. If you try to stop by yourself, you are consumed by unbearable pain, cravings, and physical symptoms that may make you feel like you are suffering from the worst flu in your life. It’s totally out of hand and it has to stop. You can’t let pain medication get the best of you. But that’s easier said than done. Lawson Treatment Services drug rehab facility understands that you need addiction recovery. You may not know where to begin, but we do. Let us lead you through the darkness of addiction. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It begins by you asking for our help at Lawson Treatment Services addiction recovery facility.

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A Safe Place Removed from Life’s Struggles


Lawson Treatment Services addiction treatment facility begins the process of your addiction recovery by giving you a warm environment where you will feel welcome the instant you become a client. You will find that you are no longer facing your battle alone. You are surrounded by others who are traveling on a similar path, facing their own struggles with substance abuse. You are a member of a community of compassionate, highly trained professionals and clients. You all have a common goal. Everyone surrounding you wants to succeed in their fight against addiction. They want to see you succeed as well.


Let Go of the Past and Embrace the Future


At Lawson Treatment Services addiction treatment center, you will be asked to push aside the past and the source of your addiction. As with any addiction recovery program, you must first get rid of any traces of the substance in your body. You can no longer take the medicine to deal with your pain. Our drug detox clinic will assist you through this difficult time.


We are different from other drug rehab centers in that we offer treatment for every stage of recovery, from diagnosis, including dual diagnosis, through to detoxification, therapy, and aftercare services provided once you have left the facility. In order to break free of the fierce hold that pain medication has on your life, you have to stop taking it. You have to ride out the storm of withdrawal and say no to the cravings. We will be here to help you until you see your way to the other side of this struggle. With counseling, coping strategies, balance in your life, and tools to maintain a sober life, you will be able to move on. Put addiction behind you when you call Lawson Treatment Services addiction treatment center today.

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