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Many people suffering from drug addiction struggle to overcome their condition due to a lack of a positive and supporting community to keep them moving forward. That’s why Lawson Treatment Services drug rehab facility in Upland, California is committed to creating a welcoming, warm, and understanding environment for those seeking addiction recovery. We offer a variety of essential services to aid in the recovery process and encourage long-term results.


Breaking the Hold of Addiction

Withdrawal can be a painful and emotionally stressful process, which is why we offer monitored detoxification at our addiction treatment center. Trained staff members attend to clients as they allow substances to leave their system, watching for signs of potential health dangers and providing encouragement to motivate them throughout the process. The first step towards addiction recovery can be challenging, but it’s certainly achievable in the right environment.


Focus on Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As health communities continue to research common mental health disorders, it has become clear that these issues often compound or correlate to addiction. While not everyone who is dependent on a substance has poor mental health, about half of people in this position suffer from co-occurring conditions. We believe it’s important to identify and address these issues to aid in the recovery process.

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Addressing underlying conditions can be vital to achieving long-term results from an addiction recovery program. A formal diagnosis and dual diagnosis mental health treatment from a professional is the best way to address mental health conditions.


A Feeling of Safety and Comfort


Our drug rehab centers are always designed to maximize the safety and comfort of our clients. We know that recovering from addiction requires focus, motivation, and positive thinking, which is why we embrace these values and make them part of the culture at our drug detox clinic. Our staff also takes the time to get to know each person so they can develop a unique recovery plan that is tailored to their needs and circumstances.


Group Therapy and Discussion

Every person has an innate need to communicate with others. They need a safe place where they can talk about their goals, challenges, hopes and fears with other people who understand their perspective. We believe group discussions are an essential part of the recovery process, which is why we encourage clients at our addiction treatment facility to participate in these conversations.


There are a lot of things to be learned by listening to others who have been through similar experiences. Likewise, sharing feelings and experiences can be very therapeutic and offer valuable insight to your peers. Clients don’t have to worry about being judged or ignored, all participants are welcome in the group and as members of the community at our center.


Strategies for Pursuing Recovery

When it comes to recovery plans, one size certainly does not fit all. That’s why the staff members at our addiction recovery center develop relationships built on trust and respect, so they can learn more about each client to provide better assistance throughout the process. We are always looking for ways to make each person’s experience more pleasant and effective.


Clients at our facility can pursue a wide range of interests and activities as part of their recovery program. Regular physical exercise can be very helpful during recovery and is a good habit to develop to maintain personal fitness. It’s also important to find ways to engage your mind to challenge yourself to grow as a person and expand your horizons.


Learn More About Us

We look forward to speaking with anyone interesting in our substance abuse treatment facility as well as the services we provide. Our staff members are also happy to explain our core policies, values and programs.

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