At Lawson Treatment Services, we recognize that addiction is a devastating social issue that requires a swift and dramatic response. At our addiction recovery facility, we are committed to getting those who need addiction recovery the treatment they so desperately need. In order to serve the needs of as many people as possible, Lawson Treatment Services has a variety of locations from which to choose. No matter where you’re located, or what responsibilities you may have, we want to ensure that you have adequate treatment available to you. Check the list below to determine which location will work best for your situation!



If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, you deserve the care you need. Don’t hesitate for another day. Give us a call at the number below, and one of our addiction specialists will be on-hand to provide you with any answers you might have about our program. No matter what your situation, we can provide you with invaluable advice that will help you make a decision about how to seek addiction recovery treatment.



We have 9 centers in the US. Find your nearest treatment center and start living the change.

Phone: (844) 266-8392
Email : info@lawsontreatmentservices.com

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