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Too often, people write off addiction as a lack of self-control, and those suffering from it often face judgment from society as a whole. However, addiction is a disease, and it’s one that can be overcome with the right help. At Lawson Treatment Services, we focus on creating an environment that makes recovering from addiction a smooth process. Here are a few of the ways we help.


Getting Off to a Strong Start

Addiction recovery starts with detox, and we rely on experts to help our clients get through this difficult time period. Our alcohol or drug detox clinic in Silver Spring, Maryland offers the support and comfort those recovering need, and our clinics use the latest in technology to ease the burden. While the detox period can be difficult, it can also be inspiring to know you’re finally getting over the most difficult phase of entering an addiction recovery program.


Developing a Plan

While addiction is a disease, it’s also often a symptom of other disorders. Furthermore, mental health factors can exacerbate addiction, and problems caused by addiction can further aggravate mental health issues. At Lawson Treatment Services, our experts focus on the dual-diagnosis approach; it’s as important to treat underlying factors as it is to treat the addiction itself. An effective addiction recovery facility is one that takes a holistic view for clients, and the plans we develop with them offer a comprehensive route forward.


Building a Network

One of the main benefits of entering our Silver Spring addiction treatment center is building relationships with others struggling from addiction. Your support group will help you thrive after leaving, and our clients meet others who serve as invaluable guides, friends and sources of inspiration. There’s never a need to fight addiction alone; there are always others out there ready and willing to help. When you enroll at Lawson Treatment Services, you’ll begin building a network of support and begin to build friendships.

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A Comfortable Environment

One of the challenges of overcoming addiction is coming to terms with your life and your past. Uncomfortable truths can be tough to reveal, but doing so helps with the process. Our addiction treatment facility in Silver Spring is based on creating a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment that encourages clients to open up and express themselves honestly. Although many clients feel frightened at the prospect of opening up, many find fast relief from the process. After relieving the burden of past secrets and struggles, many clients feel inspired and reinvigorated to continue down the path of sobriety.


One-on-One Therapy

Although communities are invaluable assets of alcohol and drug rehab centers, clients can benefit from one-on-one therapy as well. These sessions help people dive deep into questions about how their addiction has affected their lives. At Lawson Treatment Services, we connect clients with the right counselors for their needs, providing a valuable tool in the battle against addiction. Many people, even those without a history of addiction, can benefit from ongoing therapy, and meeting a therapist at Lawson Treatment Services helps you get off to a strong start if you think future therapy will help.


Thinking about the Future

The fight against addiction doesn’t end when you leave our substance abuse treatment facility in Silver Spring; the goal of our programs is to help you enjoy the countless benefits of a sober life. We work with clients to create a long-term planning, ensuring they know how to proceed when they leave. The ultimate success of an alcohol or drug rehab facility is to arm clients with the tools they need, and we work with our clients to outline a personalized plan that works.


Addiction is costly, and the recovery process is often a long one even after you’re sober. However, there are tools and experts available to help at Lawson Treatment Services, and those who work with our addiction recovery center in Silver Spring, Maryland will find a warm, welcoming and positive environment to get on the path to a sober and rewarding life.

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